Compositing Effects


For this project, Corrin and I made a quick film of me talking to my inner self to show that we know how to do a split screen. For this project, I was an impromptu screenwriter. The pre-production and production were done in one day, and post-production was done in a day.


This video was used to learn how to do a split screen.


Choices that I personally made were the camera angle, setting, and script.


Doing this project in practically one day was definitely a challenge, however, it was a great learning experience for making a project with a limited amount of time. I was an impromptu screenwriter only because I had written the script at the filming location. Since we only had one day, we took about 20 minutes to brainstorm and 20 minutes to film. This caused me and the cinematographer to rush through steps like storyboarding, scriptwriting and blocking. We did all of these things, however, we did it through communication instead of a physical copy. This project shaped how an editor’s work can be perceived because when I worked with the editor, we both realized at one point I was talking over myself in one of the split screens. If we hadn’t fixed it, it would have sounded terrible to the audience. We edited down the left side split screen so it would neatly fit into the film and make sense in the film’s content. Overall, this was a positive, yet challenging experience because we created a funny short film with a lot of restrictions. We were able to overcome these which made us more resilient to filming challenges in the future.


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