Collaborative Film Project Goals

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Core Film Production Roles

The two core film production roles I have the highest ability in is Director and Editor. My first choice would be the director, then editor. Core skills for both roles include:

  • Director – responsible for the artistic and logistic aspects of the production, visualizing the script and guiding the other individuals involved in the film in order to fulfill their artistic vision, leadership, ability to compromise, composed in difficult situations.
  • Editor – responsible for assembling the raw footage, selecting shots and constructing the film in order to meet the artistic vision for the film, sense of rhythm, ability to use editing software, communication with team members.

The only role I would need more practice on in using editing software as the editor. I haven’t worked with all of the options that Premiere Pro offers with editing.

Skills and Interests in a Team

What I would want in core production team peers is differing ideas and the solid knowledge of whatever position they do. I want my teammates to have differing ideas because I love to conversate about ideas and people who aren’t willing to share ideas don’t typically work well in teams. I also want someone who is a knowledgeable screenwriter or cinematographer because those are roles I’m not as familiar with and the strong knowledge of the craft, the better and faster the team will work.

Filmmaker Goals

Goals I have as a filmmaker and director is that I want to be able to clearly convey a message and develop a distinguishable style of film. I want to be able to accomplish this because I believe all great directors have a “style” that fits with their films.

Core Team Members

Members I would want on my team would be Corrin K. first and anyone else that can work hard. A team consisting of me and Corrin would move faster since we would have 2 roles to ourselves, but I am open to working with anyone.

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