ADR Project


For this project, I was given a clip that had no audio and an audio file that matched the voice moving/playing in the video. I was tasked with syncing up the audio file and the video together so it made it look like the person was saying those words. I made the first video with just the syncing of the audio and video and the second video I made I had a little fun with.

Film Before Visual ADR

Film After Visual ADR

Extra Film

ADR Terms –

  • ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) – Process of re-recording audio for video
  • Used for creativity,
  • Post-Synchronization – Most of the audio in a studio done in post
  • Partial ADR – Match Microphones

Audio ADR Practice Clips

The audio is Mr.Le Duc’s voice saying “I never said you stole the money” five times.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

What I learned from this project is that editing is definitely getting easier for me. I hated editing the last couple of projects I had to do. This was the first time I actually had fun with editing. Working with Premiere Pro is a lot easier now, and I’m glad we got to do this project. One problem I solved was learning how to export correctly so that the quality on youtube wasn’t horrible. I looked up how to make the export quality better.

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