James Clark Interview


film by navarrd on Flickr 


The goal of this project was to make a 30-minute interview shortened down to less than 3 minutes. The interviewee was an actor named James Clark. The objective was to find 3 questions that he answered that you like (the ones I liked were about work and work-family) and edit them into a short interview including 3 cuts to b-roll of James Clark works like short films and music videos. My video was about a minute and 45 seconds long, with b-roll coming from a music video and a short that he participated in.

Terms and Concepts

Q – Delete everything to the left.

W – Delete everything to the right.

Command K – Cut.

; and  – Lift and Extract.

A – All tracks forward.

i – End Point.

Command Shift D – Cross Dissolve.

#. – Seconds.

#.. – Minutes.

. – Drops video down to empty space.

Shift 3 – In Point.

Source patching allows you to deliver the video to the correct section. Within and out points, you can add videos in that specific area for that amount of time. BMP uses less space for pictures.

Morph cut; Effects, Video Transition, Type ‘morph’ into the search bar, Drag, Allow loading time, Shrink it down to the correct sizing.

Command-Click – This allows you to make points on the audio to raise or lower the sound.

Shift + – Gives you your track height if you are not seeing keyframes within your sound.

– Shows the whole timeline.

B – Ripple Edit.

Color Editing – Click color layout, Look at color scopes, Basic Correction, Drag Color you need more or left of, Drag Saturation, Click on Curves, Curve to your liking, Click back to editing, Click on Effect Control, Copy Lumaetri Color Panel, Hold down ‘shift’ and click to select the videos wanted, Control V to make those clips the same color –

Shift-Click – Click multiple videos at a time.

Collating Files and Storyboard

Premiere Pro Editing

2018-01-29 (1)



Project Skills Evidence

The unedited video :

Edited video :

What I Learned

The biggest thing I learned was how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. About 2/3’s of the class knew how to use Premiere prior to this project. I was not one of those people. However, I learned quickly with the help of youtube videos on how to edit with Premiere, help from the Premiere Pro help website, and other people in the class who knew how to use the editing software. Learning how to use Premiere is very critical because knowing how to edit is a big part of the class and cinematography studies in general.

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