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Can You Hear This?

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Temporary and Permanent hearing damage symptoms can be :

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Pain
  • Faded sense of sound
  • Being unable to hear high frequencies


  • Remember, hearing damage is forever!
  • Use ear plugs when attending concerts so that you will reduce the risk of hearing damage
  • Other dangerous sounds can be power tools, fireworks, factory noises and guns
  • Ear plugs do not muffle or change the quality of sound, it only makes it about 20-30 dB lower volume
  • 28 million americans are hearing impaired and an estimated 500 million have hearing loss worldwide
  • Cotton and toilet paper do not protect your hearing



  • 3M™ Hearing Conservation Worker Training Video


  • You can be at risk for hearing damage at home and at work
  • Sound is measured in decibels
  • 30 dB = Quiet Whisper
  • 80 dB = Vaccum Cleaner
  • 112 dB = Power Saw
  • There is no risk of damage at 70 dB
  • At 85 dB, 8 hours of exposure will cause damage
  • At 91 dB, 2 hours will cause damage
  • At 100 dB, 15 minutes will give you serious damage
  • At 140 dB, damage can be immediate For Audio Career Tips

  • Anyone who works for a sound related job is at a higher risk for everyday hearing damage than a desk job
  • Make sure employers of sound related jobs have a noise policy
  • Reduce unnecessary exposure to loud sounds
  • Have personal hearing protection
  • Have regular hearing health checks

    Chart of Sound in the Environment

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